Ultrasound scanner S6

"Classic of the Genre"

Color high-end ultrasound system with high density probes. Portability, extending the application range. The best price!

Technical caracteristics:

  • LCD 15”
  • 2 active probe connectors
  • High density probes

Scanning modes:

  • В, М, В/М, В/В, 4В
  • Tissue harmonics
  • ZOOM at real time and frozen state
  • Ultrasound tomography mode
  • TRAPEZOIDAL mode at linear probes
  • MicroScan speckle reduction imaging
  • Color Doppler mode
  • Power Doppler mode
  • Directional power Doppler mode
  • Pulse wave Doppler mode
  • Continuous Doppler mode
  • Color tissue Doppler mode
  • Pulse wave tissue Doppler mode
  • Duplex and Triplex modes
  • Steer M-mode
  • Color M-mode
  • Free Hand 3D mode
  • 4D mode
  • PANORAMIC mode

Echogramm galery:

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